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Sayre & Associates Forensic Engineering is a multidisciplinary team of engineers and retired Kentucky State Police reconstructionists with over 100 years of combined reconstruction training and experience.  Our SAFE team was formed to provide statewide accident reconstruction services to our clients and the capability to respond immediately to serious crashes.  With offices in Lexington, Murray, Hindman, and Frankfort we can get a reconstructionist on scene rapidly to thoroughly document critical physical evidence, begin vehicle inspections and meet with adjusters, police officers and safety personnel.

Our services include extensive digital photography, total station mapping of scenes and vehicles, forensic trace evidence collection, skid testing, detailed vehicle crush analysis, occupant kinematics and injury causation analysis, downloading computer data from passenger and commercial vehicles and we can provide aerial photography on special cases.  Our philosophy is do the hard work now, thoroughly and professionally, so all of the tough questions to come later can be answered in the same manner.  We believe our multidisciplinary training and experience is invaluable, but we also know that well documented physical evidence will the basis of our ultimate opinions.

Our rapid response capabilities can help prevent the loss or destruction of critical physical evidence.  As everyone knows, tire marks, scrapes, gouges, spillage, debris, pieces and parts as well as vehicles can disappear suddenly and important evidence can be lost or spoiled.  Furthermore, the sooner such evidence is documented the sooner some critical questions can be answered and proper reconstruction protocols can be initiated.
Each investigation is different but the evidence found determines what needs to be done
for accident causation as well as injury causation analyses. 

We also have an indoor vehicle inspection and storage facility in downtown Lexington.
With a vehicle lift, extra lighting, tools and a comfortable workspace, forensic inspections will be more efficient and less expensive and can be easily arranged to accommodate your schedule including nights and weekends.  Contact us if you need to store a vehicle or component or would like to use our facilities for an inspection by your experts or others. 

Our Team


R. Vince Sayre of Sayre and Associates Engineering has Bachelors and Masters degrees in civil engineering from the University of Kentucky and is a licensed Professional Engineer with 35+ years of accident reconstruction experience. Vince began his career in accident reconstruction in 1972 with the University of Kentucky Multidisciplinary Accident Study Team (UKMAST).  This team, one of only six in the US, was very specialized, extensively trained and did state-of-the-art research for the US DOT/NHTSA. In 1980 Vince started Sayre & Associates Engineering and has been providing forensic reconstruction services ever since.


Dennis Crawford earned a B.S. degree from Murray State University in 1982 and received his original traffic accident reconstruction training from University of North Florida in 1987 while with the Kentucky State Police.  Dennis has over 29 years of investigative experience, including both criminal and civil cases, and has been a private consultant in traffic crash reconstruction since his retirement in 1994.  In addition to continued education in this field Dennis has specialized training in site and vehicle mapping and is a certified Crash Data Retrieval Technician and Data Analyst.  He is also an instrument rated pilot and can use private aircraft to quickly respond to distant and/or remote crash sites, securing aerial photos and video upon request.  As required by law for this type of investigation, Dennis is a licensed private investigator in both Kentucky and Tennessee.


Brent graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 1983 and has been a licensed Professional Engineer in Kentucky since 1989.  During a twenty-four year career, he held various positions for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, including Traffic Safety Analysis.

In the past 15 years, he has established a forensic engineering practice focusing on both Traffic Accident Reconstruction and Premise Liability.  He has extensive training and experience in both disciplines, allowing him to analyze vehicular collisions and slip/trip and fall cases.  He has also been trained in Crash Data Retrieval and Analysis, and Computer Animation.


Scott Simpson earned a B.B.A. degree from Eastern Kentucky University in 1969 and a M.P.A. degree from Kentucky State University in 1977. He received his initial traffic accident reconstruction training from the University of North Florida in 1984 while with the Kentucky State Police, and received additional training at the College of Engineering, University of Kentucky. Scott went on to instruct at the Kentucky State Police Academy and taught Accident Reconstruction classes for the University of North Florida. He organized, developed, and implemented the Kentucky State Police Accident Reconstruction Program and remained the statewide coordinator until his retirement in 1992. Following retirement, Scott became an associate of Sayre Engineering.

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